From the Press:
Lubelski’s works create a tension between destruction and sewing’s traditional role as a dutiful act of repair. Her stitches refuse to stay in their proper place; they reject usefulness, instead perversely rejoicing in damages and defects as occasions for celebration and delight -- Los Angeles Times

Lubelski’s graceful and moody embroidered textiles explore the value ascribed to one item or experience over another, such as new and old, present and memory. Her stitched designs on used fabric, including a stained tablecloth from a dinner with friends, elevate accident and remainder, that which is leftover or rejected, to art via a decorative practice -- Critics' Picks

…her embroidery on a sullied tablecloth was a highlight of ''Pricked'' at the Museum of Arts and Design --The New York Times

…lacey creations are imbued with Abstract Expressionist verve -- The Village Voice

She gives dramatic substance to the unintentional and renders chance permanent. The results are strangely thought-provoking, painterly abstract compositions -- ARTnews

…her works are like vivid, stuttering topographical maps, with stitches gathering in a healing way around the dark stains...her mastery of color and gesture makes these works beautiful -- The Boston Globe

Nava Lubelski’s multimedia painting-embroidery hybrids...are especially difficult to resist. Lubelski stains and rips open her canvases with abandon, then winds elaborate webs inside and around the peepholes...The resulting tapestries remind me of tidal pools, of cool, grey-green seaweed gardens where spindly urchins and jellyfish lurk, of murky pits twitching with primordial intelligence...Yes, I considered running my fat fingers along the taut threads... -- The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

Beginning with stained canvases, Nava Lubelski meticulously stitches multicolored thread through splattered drips and blots, creating a beautiful abstract work that contests the randomness of action painting and the utilitarian nature of craft. -- The Brooklyn Rail

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